Smart Industrial Park

Smart Industrial Park

Driven by the development of the high-tech industry, the concept of smart industrial parks has emerged, propelling industrial park management to adopt a more innovative and intelligent approach. Leveraging advanced information and communication technologies, these smart industrial parks are designed to create safe, healthy, energy-efficient, and convenient bases for emerging industries. To enhance the competitiveness of the industrial parks, innovative solutions have been developed to provide robust information infrastructure and excellent capabilities for park management and operations.

Advantages of Smart Industrial Parks


Enhanced Management Efficiency

Digital management of facility operations to improve personnel management efficiency


Monitored Environmental Safety

Real-time monitoring of public facilities and the environment, with early warning systems for abnormal conditions


Increased Added Value

Development of shared information platforms to attract investment and facilitate resource integration

Providing Various Smart Solutions to Meet Your Management Needs

提供多種「智慧」方案 滿足您的管理需求

Communication Infrastructure and Information Security /

Constructing 5G fiber-optic communication networks and employing advanced cybersecurity measures such as Zero Trust

基礎通訊架構與資訊安全 /
智慧連動環境監測系統 /

Interconnection of Environmental Monitoring Devices and Smart System /

Enhancing environmental safety management within the premises by deploying diverse environmental monitoring devices (weather stations, air quality sensors, flood detectors, seismic monitoring instruments) and integrating them into the park’s smart interconnected system

Road Excavation Management /

Establishing a GIS database of the industrial park’s utility pipelines to prevent accidental damage to the pipelines, thereby reducing the risk of public disasters. Visualizing public management information, covering the drainage, power, and telecommunications infrastructure in 3D

道路挖掘管理 /

Park Operation Management /

Enhancing information applications and proactive services, including the integration of various resources such as tenant management, online case applications, venue rentals, and online payment services

Smart Integration Platform for Management Centers /

Enabling cloud-based smart management by integrating relevant building facilities in the park (building carbon inventory system, smart integration platform, BIM visualization facility management system, AI digital twin calculation services), equipment monitoring, and context-aware interaction


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Industrial Park Operation Management Platform

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