Achieve Environmental Sustainability
and Smart Building Leadership through
Innovative Technology

About Ennowell

Ennowell was established in June 2022 as a joint venture between Ennoconn and Inwellcom, combining Ennoconn’s extensive hardware expertise and Inwellcom’s over 20 years of experience in extra low-voltage equipment and system integration. We have developed a state-of-the-art smart building cloud platform with a focus on enhancing building efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Our goal is to provide solutions for smart building management, corporate carbon emissions reduction (smart energy management and greenhouse gas inventory), and cloud services. We visualize the management of electricity, lighting, HVAC, and water resources in existing buildings, offering one-stop system integration services. Leveraging Google Cloud AI algorithms, we provide optimization recommendations to help companies allocate resources in the most efficient way. We aim to create Taiwan’s leading smart building cloud platform and collaborate to achieve green supply chains.

Our Business


Understand and address customer needs from their perspective


Stay at the forefront of the market's latest technologies to develop the best solutions for our customers

Achieving Smart

Build a sustainable, energy-efficient smart city by developing integrated intelligent systems using innovative technology

Our Team’s Advantages

Professional Background

Our team possesses decades of practical experience in environmental engineering and software-hardware system integration. We boast a top-tier team certified in smart building and energy management training. We also offer services for applying for smart building certifications.

Technical Development Capability

We have exclusively developed smart architecture modules suitable for various types of buildings. These modules offer system flexibility for rapid integration to meet diverse customer needs while maintaining system scalability and compatibility

Vertical Resource Integration

We assist in integrating internal software and hardware resources based on customer requirements. Regardless of brand, the systems can be seamlessly integrated without replacing existing equipment, significantly reducing time costs and rapidly achieving project goals

Comprehensive After-Sales Service

We provide warranty and after-sales services, conduct regular platform maintenance and functional testing, perform fault analysis, and develop suitable maintenance solutions

Talent Recruitment

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