One-Stop Carbon

One-Stop Carbon Management

In the face of climate change, the emission of greenhouse gases from human activities has led to global warming, extreme weather, and rising sea levels, leading to significant environmental impacts. As a result, carbon reduction has become a global goal. By integrating the concept of carbon management into day-to-day operations, we can reduce environmental and economic risks, enhance corporate competitiveness, decrease total carbon emissions, and transition to net-zero emissions.

Why Pursue Carbon Management?

To align with the global consensus on carbon reduction


To address the implementation of carbon border taxes by the EU

To facilitate the development of green supply chains upstream and downstream

To support Taiwan's goal of net zero emissions by 2050

Challenges Faced by Businesses

Measurement and
monitoring of carbon

Selection and
application of carbon
emission data

Limited carbon
inventory knowledge
and financial
investment for auditing

We assist businesses in creating a one-stop carbon management platform

Offering a range of integrated services including cloud data sharing, digital process management, and SaaS subscription


Professional Consultation Team /

Our top-notch consultants will guide youin developing the most suitable carbon reduction solutions


Intuitive Data Visualization Platform /

Monitors carbon emissions in real time and track the overall carbon footprint

Support for Supply Chain Collaboration /

Operates from a single platform and integrates carbon management within the supply chain to foster green partnerships


Explore more about our carbon management platform

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Platform

Carbon Footprint Calculation Platform

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