Greenhouse Gas
Inventory Platform

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Platform

Designed in accordance with the international standard ISO 14064-1:2018, our cloud platform serves as a carbon management tool that meets various needs, assisting businesses in conducting carbon inventories and manage energy efficiency indicators. By incorporating guidance from professional consultants and utilizing features such as data sharing and quick responsiveness, the platform enables managers, inventory units, and verification units to gain a comprehensive understanding of the inventory status for real-time management and optimization. With this platform, businesses can thoroughly implement carbon inventories and achieve carbon reduction goals.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Platform

企業遇到的難題? 資料繁雜整理不易

Difficulty in
complex data

企業遇到的難題? 多據點管理難度高

Challenges in
managing multiple

企業遇到的難題? 負責盤查人力不足

manpower for

Our Advantages

Compliance with International Standards

Designed based on ISO 14064-1, the platform incorporates a core framework led by professional consultants, encompassing emissions data from categories one to six

Digitization of Corporate Information

Enterprise documents and various corporate forms are imported into the platform to simplify data aggregation, archiving, and retrieval, thereby reducing the time spent searching for data


 Various standard templates are provided, which can be edited according to users’ needs. They can also complete data entry through a menu-driven, step-by-step process

Carbon Emission Dashboard to Facilitate Decision-making

Besides visualizing real-time carbon emission hotspots, trends, and location-based distribution, the platform also provides advanced data analysis including revenue, personnel, and area information to facilitate management

Optional Advanced
Emission Factor

In addition to using the built-in emission factor and carbon footprint factor databases from the Environmental Protection Administration, customers can purchase our advanced emission factor database or create their own database

Our Services

Carbon Inventory Process

服務內容 碳盤查流程
服務內容 碳盤查流程

Service Features

服務特色 溫室氣體盤查平台
服務特色 溫室氣體盤查平台

Professional Consultants /

Conducts inventories under the guidance of professional consultants based on ISO 14064-1 standards

服務特色 專業顧問
服務特色 日常蒐集

Collection of Daily Data /

Visualizes carbon emission hotspots, trends, and location-based distribution

Availability of Various Emission Factors /

Provides the Environmental Protection Administration’s emission factor databases and an optional advanced emission factor database for purchase

服務特色 多種係數
服務特色 一鍵產出報告

One-Click Reporting /

Offers a variety of templates to generate inventory lists and reports in one click

Cloud Services /

Database data can be interconnected across systems and integrated with enterprise systems such as EPR and BOM

服務特色 雲端服務
服務特色 協同查驗

Collaborative Verification /

Supports collaborative verification with third parties and establishes a data correction history on the system to improve verification efficiency

Solution Content


Monthly Subscription Fee

NT $60,000 /per year

(20% off in the second year)

Inventory Site

Includes 3 built-in regional sites

Account Permission

Unlimited usage

Paid Emission Factor Database

SimaPro Ecoinvent Database


Training on the greenhouse gas inventory
platform and software
One course (for 2 students)

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