Road Excavation Management Platform

Road Excavation Management Platform

We have developed a Web-based platform dedicated to field safety management, utilizing GIS (Geographic Information System) and digital mapping information as core technologies. Combining road excavation management and spatial analysis, this platform aims to prevent public disasters caused by accidental pipeline damage during excavation. In addition to 3D and 2D image analysis, various spatial and image data can be compared, integrated, queried, and managed on this platform. Through a variety of digital processes such as road excavation works management, pipeline data management, payment collection, and invoice reconciliation, field safety management is optimized.



Complex pipeline layouts that make it difficult to determine their exact locations


Time-consuming checks due to a large number of forms

Inconvenience due to traditional paper-based processes for construction applications


Unclear incident location records leading to redundant inspections

Our Advantages

Establishment of a specialized spatial database

Customized electronic maps

User account permission settings

Online case approval and management

Service Features

Quick analysis and querying of various types of geographic information/

Online display and query, online data maintenance, statistics, export, and analysis


Real-time display of geographic information and multi-layer overlays /

Zoom, pan, print, layer selection, map measurements, coordinate queries, and scales

Support for 3D and 2D viewing for comprehensive information/

Allows viewing of pipeline attribute data on a 3D map platform, complemented by 2D displays of pipeline features, providing the ability to observe changes from different angles

支援3D、2D圖像視角 獲取更多訊息
Web雲端平台 滿足不同裝置應用

A Web-based cloud platform for various devices and applications /

Enables the uploading of information to cloud storage, real-time updates, and flexible adjustments based on different operators’ requirements

Digitized maintenance and management of road excavation works/

Application and approval management, case data queries, restricted excavation area management, including systematic services for processes such as payment collection, automatic invoice reconciliation, and permit downloads to improve management efficiency


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