Smart Building

Smart Building

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), buildings account for 40% of total energy consumption, making them the largest energy consumers. Ennowell’s Smart Choice Open Platform combines IoT technology with the concepts of smart buildings and sustainable energy consumption. It seamlessly integrates subsystems such as lighting, HVAC, power, access control, and fire safety, regardless of brand, without replacing existing equipment. The data is imported into the Smart Building Cloud Platform for centralized control and management, helping businesses reduce operating costs and enhance management efficiency.

Why Buildings Need to be 'Smart' ?


To improve energy efficiency


To reduce operating and maintenance costs


To enhance safety and environmental quality


To optimize building maintenance through predictive analysis

Our Advantages


Integration of Existing Software and Hardware

Various subsystems can be integrated seamlessly regardless of brand, without replacing existing equipment


Visualization of Building Operations

Information is visualized in 2D and 3D on a real-time dashboard


Intelligent Interconnected Alarm Notifications

Customers can customize scenarios for system interconnection and receive real-time notifications of abnormal alarms


Real-time Energy Monitoring and Management

Customers can control real-time electricity consumption, manage demand, and analyze energy consumption behavior


Equipment Operational Efficiency Control

Operational information from various devices can be integrated, and health diagnoses can be conducted based on the characteristics of abnormal events


Big Data Analysis for Improvement Recommendations

A wide range of optimization suggestions and strategies are offered through big data analysis using Google Cloud AI and machine learning (ML)

Service Offerings

HVAC System
Elevator System
Energy Efficiency System
Surveillance System
Access Control System
Emergency Response System
Fire Safety System
Power System
Parking Management System
Water Supply and Drainage System
Ventilation System
Lighting System

System Structure

建物智慧化 系統架構

Service Features

Smart Lighting

‧ 3D simulation of real-world scenarios
‧ Configuration of multiple lighting groups
‧ Availability of various preset lighting modes
‧ Automatic brightness adjustment based on environmental light changes

Smart HVAC

‧ Detection of indoor temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration
‧ Customization of HVAC operational modes based on usage scenarios
‧ Smart environmental control through automatic detection of indoor conditions
‧ Interactive simulation of equipment operations through dynamic diagrams

Elevator System

‧ Display of daily passenger count and load capacity
‧ Connection to the surveillance system for real-time remote monitoring
‧ Interconnection with the HVAC system to reduce unnecessary energy consumption
‧ Prediction of real-time traffic flow to minimize the number of stops

Smart Energy Monitoring

‧ Visualization of energy flow and usage
‧ Real-time display of power consumption and energy consumption breakdown
‧ Demand control for peak load balancing
‧ Intelligent overconsumption alerts and automatic notifications
‧ Diverse statistical reports and audit support tools

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