Industrial Park Operation
Management Platform

Industrial Park Operation Management Platform

By integrating enterprise resource management standards, our industrial park operation management platform enhances proactive services and streamlines processes through digital operations, thereby improving management efficiency. It covers a range of functions, from processing prospective tenants’ applications to managing expenses and reconciliation (e.g., sewer fees, public facilities maintenance fees), conducting environmental impact assessments, overseeing site rentals, and processing administrative documents. The platform effectively integrates the requirements of both managers and park operations, serving as the optimal communication channel for both parties.


園區營運管理面對的問題 進駐廠商申請流程冗長

Lengthy application processes for prospective tenants

園區營運管理面對的問題 紙本費用核銷缺乏效率

Inefficient paper-based invoice reconciliation procedures

園區營運管理面對的問題 偏向單向管理模式、互動少

One-way management with limited interaction between park managers and tenants

Our Advantages

Real-time access to management information through a cloud-based platform

Enhanced efficiency in payment collection and invoice reconciliation

Implementation of paperless operations in alignment with energy-efficiency and carbon reduction trends

Service Features

Updating and Maintenance of Basic Data /

Tenants can update their company information on their own and inquire about pending fees and the progress of other matters


Management of Tenants’ Payments and Invoice Reconciliation /

Managers can manage payments from tenants, export reconciliation records, and issue overdue fines. These features are suitable for managing sewer, underground water, electricity, and public facilities maintenance fees

Environmental Impact Assessment and Management /

Provides tenants with information regarding the declaration of environmental assessments in accordance with regulations. This covers services related to managing pollutants such as air quality, sewage, waste, and toxicity


Various Management Reports /

Park managers can quickly consolidate all kinds of management data through form downloads, including cost statistics, receipt lists, reconciliation records, and information pertaining to environmental assessment and management

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